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Moisture MeterProtimeter Surveymaster
Combo Moisture Meter

Two meters in one with these built in functions: Search Mode - uses a non-evasive radio frequency to detect moisture below the surface and behind finishes: Measure Mode - uses pin electrodes or deep wall probe (included) for precise measurements in common building materials. Introducing the new and improved Protimeter Surveymaster. Check out it's new robust, ergonomic design and additional upgraded features! However, it does still operate on the same quality principles and performance level as it's predecessor. Utilizing it's highly effective Search & Measure system, the non-invasive radio frequency mode helps search below the surface for dampness; and the proven two-pin method is used for measuring. Surveying an area using the Search & Measure procedure allows for a more detailed assessment than can be possible with a conventional moisture meter alone. For ease of use, moisture readings are indicated not only by color-coded LED displays, but also as a digital readout on the LCD screen for Measure mode and an audible alarm in the Search mode.

Features: Loud, audible warning tone Wide detection range: 7-100% Automatic power-off adjustable from 1-3 minutes Includes 2 AA batteries & pouch with belt clip Hold reading function Automatic calibration check Spec Summary: Measurement range Measure mode: 6% to well above fibre saturation in wood and beyond (to nominal 100) Search Mode: Relative, color-coded Calibration Measure mode: Wood moisture equivalent Search mode: Relative Display Measure mode: 3-digit LCD and synchronized green, yellow & red LED display Search mode: Green, yellow and red LEDs Resolution Measure mode: LCD ±0.1% Search mode: Not applicable Audible alarm Search mode only: Adjustable synchronized with LED display Instrument size & weight: 6.5 x 2 x 1.6"/.5lbs. Operating temperature range: 14 to 113¡F

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