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Mold RemovalMold Cleanup should be done as soon as possible after the problem has been identified. If the conditions are right, mold can grow and spread in a house within days. If you had water damage and need work done, we advise not to wait for the insurance company to make their determination. Take care of the problem ASAP to limit the damage. We do insurance work and are willing to wait with payment, in some cases, until the insurance company pay.

There is no time to allow biohazard jobs be handled by a "contractor in training". Indoor pollutants causing "Sick Building Syndrome", SBS, is not only hazardous to your health but also hazardous to the economic life of your home, business or commercial building.

Serious health problems may develop from toxic mold and can occur a short time after a leak has occurred. Leaking roofs, leaking galvanized steel pipes, leaking copper pipes, water intrusion from soil and other problems can cause mold start to grow in homes and offices, old and new. Mold can develop in days and start release spores in the air inside a home causing habitants to develop asthma, allergies, lung problem, breathing problem, memory loss, and more. An initial survey may catch a growing problem early to eliminate the risk of mold spreading to the interior and contaminate furniture and personal property.

We have performed mold abatement, cleanup, leak detection, mold testing drainage consulting issues, on hundreds of projects the last 6 years. Mold and biological cleanup has been done in homes, apartment buildings, office buildings, stores, hotels, hospitals, schools, churches, and other buildings.
A successful project will require,
(1) finding the source or sources of contamination, (2) testing, (3) sealing to eliminate continued leaks or growth, (4) containment to prevent spread of spores, (5) removal and proper disposal of walls or ceilings, (6) cleaning of building components, (7) using applicable chemicals at correct dose, concentration and application, (8) allow drying time, (9) application of secondary chemicals, (10) final test. There are additional steps involved but to many to list. Every stage of the process is important to eliminate the risk for reoccurrence or exposure to workers and building inhabitants.
An example of one important step in evaluating the chemicals used in mold cleanup.

We provide the following services;

  • Highly experienced and qualified inspectors for Inspection,
    survey, testing for mold and water damage.
    We provide turnkey projects and solutions, not only testing
    and not only repair and abatement.
  • Testing for Vapor Emissions in concrete slabs.
  • Removal of mold infested building materials, drying and s
    alvage of documents and equipment.
  • Cleaning, decontamination of mold infested personal
    items in homes or offices.
  • Repair and installation of new building materials, as walls,
    ceilings, floors, roof, ducting, etc.
  • Insulating buildings using impermeable insulation materials
    in walls or under floors in crawlspaces to prevent
    humidity to intrude.
  • Rental of Effective Ozone gas generators.
    Ozone generators will kill mold and eliminate odors.
  • Rental of HEPA air cleaners with bio hazards destruction filters.

A qualified, reputable abatement firm like ours should always be used to ensure that airborne contaminants are controlled and that the problem is permanently solved and will not reoccur. Our approach is to do the job right the first time while saving our client money. We can have your problem assessed, tested, and a plan of action and cleanup work underway within a couple of days. Examples of projects can be found here. Corporate clients and agencies are advised to sign a retainer agreement with our firm to ensure timely response in emergency events. We can have technicians and cleanup crew or testing underway within hours for clients who we have retainer agreements with.

For additional information, initial consultation, proposal on mold abatement, mold and biohazard testing, or air quality testing, Please contact us at 800-606-8007

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